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I am a 6th Grade ELA teacher in Brooklyn, NY.  I have been teaching for 16 years.  The first 6 were as a 5th Grade teacher, teaching everything.  The past 10 years have just been ELA. As you can imagine, teaching in the inner city has its own particular difficulties, so XClass to the Rescue was born. It helps that my last name is Xavier, so I have a built in superhero connection. Being born and raised in Brooklyn helps too, as I understand what being a city kid is. I am also ridiculously lucky in my principal, so I'm able to use books that I love and help my students find their own love of reading too!

 I love reading, hiking and biking with my cute boyfriend and taking care of my rescue kitty, Marmalade.  I try to balance work and fun as much as possible, so vacations are a necessity.  When I can't get away, I love to read books, mostly historical fiction and mysteries.  

Hiking in Killington
One of my passions is animal rescue and I partner with two local shelters to try to get shelter pets adopted with my kids.  So far, no let's have been adopted from our efforts but we all love the experience! 
Marmalade chilling in the sun
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I love teaching and have enjoyed the journey so far. I also love interacting with other teachers, so please comment on my posts and I promise to respond!

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