Monday, May 23, 2016

Field Trip Time of Year

Ok so in addition to doing the book club read alouds this time of year to wind down the school year,  I also ramp up the field trips.  This Friday marks by favorite annual field trip, NYC Fleet Week.  Every year, (with the exception of that budget fiasco) sailors come to NYC and dock their boats in Staten Island and Manhattan.  The battleships are open to the public for free and they are AMAZING!!!!  Last year was the first year we did the free tours (we always went to the USS Intrepid festivities before that).  My kids were able to go into a military jeep, hold actual weapons, sit in the back of an Apache helicopter and see where the sailors sleep.  And that was an abbreviated tour because we were pressed for time.  This year we will be there bright and early and take the full tour.  Excited!!!Check out all of the activities planned for this year.  It runs from May 25-31, 2016.

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