Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Ok now that I have your attention, it's not exactly free stuff right now guaranteed, but it is pretty easy.  I am a big proponent of Donors Choose, which I will explain in depth at a later time.  I can not stress enough how awesome this website is for public school teachers.  I've had over 200 projects funded for my classes over the past 10 years.  It's beyond. 

But in honor or #ThankaTeacher for Teacher Appreciation Week, GoFundMe is offering a great opportunity for teachers and anyone posting a campaign on a teacher's behalf.  If you post a campaign by May 8, 2016 and it gets over $100 donated by 5 unique donors by May 13th, GoFundMe will also donate $100!!!!  That's ridiculously good news.  

Give it a go and good luck.  Mine is already up for desks and stools.

GoFundMe #ThankaTeacher

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