Friday, August 5, 2016

What's in A Name?

When I get an idea, I start it immediately.  I give it a cursory examination to make sure it's not a totally idiotic idea, and then I jump right in.  Like this blog.  I started a TpT store, so I needed a blog. The original name was X Marks the Spot. Until I realized it should match my store, and voila, new name.

The theme is also a little off.  Most other teacher blogs are bright, cheerful, cute blogs.  Not me at all. I'm the realist. Don't get me wrong, I'm hysterical, but no one in their right mind would call be cheerful or cute.  So I went with me.  I wanted a library feel to my blog, even though it's not a library or even a predominantly ELA blog.  It's what I like, books. I think I achieved that pretty well.

And then this week, I decided I should host weekly Linky Parties.  I love them and they've realloy helped me grow my following. I thought why not help other teachers grow their businesses, interact, make new contacts?  It was actually pretty easy to set up and I'm excited about this one, my first.  But as usual, I went off half cocked.  Fabulous Fridays Linky Party seemed a natural.  Until I gave it some thought.  Doesn't every teacher consider his or her brand fabulous?  Won't that be a very common name? I think so.  So, what screams me, even if no one else will get it?  Freestyle Fridays Free For All Linky Parties.  What's a Linky Party?

To explain.  Freestyle was a dance sound in the late 80s and early 90s in some cities across the US.  Mostly underground, it became big in cities with Puerto Rican populations.  NYC basically leading the pack.  Not many of the songs or artists are well known.  Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam was the only one that went really mainstream. And whenever there was a concert it was, and still is, always a Freestyle Free For All. It all fell into place.  I love alliteration, it's dorky, but hey that's me.  It's music that I love.  And it's special.  I have shortened the name to Freestyle Fridays Linky Parties, to make it less of a tongue twister.  

Best Freestyle Song Ever

So to kick off my very first Freestyle Fridays Linky Party, please join in with a freebie of your own.  And I hope to see you every Friday.  I just may add a link to a freestyle song each week.

At a freestyle birthday party this summer.  This is what I looked like from 1989-1991.

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