Monday, June 20, 2016

Discovery Times Square

Ok, so I've been here, there and everywhere with the blog.  Sorry about that.  The end of school is a little hectic.  I'm heading back to the field trip posts for this week.  I promise, at least 3 posts about cool field trips in NYC, starting with this one.

Discovery Times Square is a super, awesome, fun field trip in NYC.  It is a little pricey.  My school is Title I and we are charged $10 a kid, but it is so worth it. Discovery Tines Square has rotating exhibits.  Some are good for younger kids, some for older kids and some for all kids of all ages.  In the past, they've had Harry Potter, Lego,  Marvel Avengers, the Chinese warrior sculptures from Xian, King Tut and Pompeii.  Every single one of them had been amazing.  In the Harry Potter, Marvel Avengers, and Lego exhibits, you could interact with some of the exhibits.  Some I did with my class, some with my family, and King Tut was both!  That's how much I love this place.  They are very school group friendly.  But be warned, the kids have to leave all of their belongings in a bin.  No coats, bags, lunches, etc.

The current exhibits are: Vikings, Star Wars, and what seems to be the constant, Body Worlds.  Once again Title I school pricing was $10 as of December 2015.  Non Title I schools are $16 for students.  They also offer study guides for free and an add on workshop for $5 per kid.  There are a thousand places to eat around the location or kids can bring their lunch and eat on the promenade.  Getting here is pretty easy if you're using the subway.
  • A, C, or E train to 42nd Street
  • 1, 2, 3, 7, N, R, or S train to Times Square
  • B, D, M, or F train to 42nd Street-Bryant Park
  • N or R to 49th Street


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