Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Oldies but Goodies

Ok, for my penultimate (fancy word, right?)  field trip post, I decided to focus on a few trips I used to do, but for various reasons they've fallen by the wayside.  I still love them and highly recommend them

First up is the Coney Island Aquarium. Technically it's the NY Aquarium, but it's in Coney Island.  It's a fun day right on the water.  They have several exhibits and shows that the kids love. Admission was pricey, $9 a kid, that's why this trip fell off.  But a bonus is, you can take the kids to Nathans's afterward. It's very easy to get to by subway.Take the F or Q to west 8th or the N or D to Stillwell Avenue.

Next up was a fan favorite, pun intended,  Yankee Stadium. I haven't taken a class trip to the new one, but the old one was a great day.  It is really far away and that's why this one fell off.  I honestly do not remember how much it costs but it used to include a tour of the dugout, the press room , and the locker room. It was a great day Getting there is the D or 4 train to 161st in the Bronx.

My last one was always my favorite, the Bronx Zoo, another far away trip from Brooklyn.  But such a great day.  It used to be free for NYC schools, but maybe that was only on Wednesday.  It was VERY crowded.  And it's almost impossible to see everything. We would go to the gorilla exhibit and then swing around to the lions and that would be it.

There are a million other great trips out there, If you are looking for somewhere to go with your kids in the NYC area, give this website a try:

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