Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So, it took me a few days to write this post.  The massacre in Orlando hit me deeply.  Many of my family members, friends, and colleagues are gay.  I go dancing with them all the time.  I was very affected by the fact that any one of them could have been in that very same position. I am extremely upset by the event and every day is another horrific story especially now that we are hearing the survivor's stories.

I'm angry as well.  Not at the gunman, although there is anger there, but at how many schools, including mine,  aren't addressing the massacre.  If you think you don't have gay staff or students, you're mistaken.  And ignoring the massacre, or just lowering your flag to half staff is not enough.  Ignoring this shooting harms all of the students.  Children need to learn early on that all people are beautiful and special and are just as much a part of society as they are.  The students who fit the mold need to learn that accepting LGBTQ students is not an option, they have every right to be in that school as they do.  There is nothing wrong with them, they are not bad or evil or whatever.  This is just as important for the LGBTQ students too.  gay shame is a thing.  Many gays hate the fact that they are gay because many people have that reaction toward them.

If we start early, and I mean Kindergarten early, by showing that everyone is included, many of these problems will disappear as these kids grow into accepting adults.  You don't have to teach that students should change their beliefs on homosexuality but it is mandatory that children are taught acceptance and tolerance.  If a students doesn't agree with the homosexual lifestyle due to religion or family or whatever, they still need to treat ALL students with respect.  No name calling, no bullying, no ostracizing.  It's time.

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