Friday, June 24, 2016

Final Field Trip Idea

As promised, here's my third and final field trip idea.  Every year as a reward for working do hard, we take the kids to Luna Park in Coney Island.  Yes, I know it's not an academic trip but all work and no play....

Tickets prices range from $17-$22 depending on how many kids you have and with that they get an unlimited ride bracelet for 2 hours to all of the rides in the Luna Park section. There are 2 sections and one doesn't open until noon.  Altogether, there are about a dozen rides for middle schoolkids to go on. Believe me, I have never had a kid tell me they were bored or had nothing to do.  There are a few food stands within the parks, as well as shops and games.

Overall, it's a great day and the kids love it.  It can be very crowded and if it's sunny, there's very little shade. Other than that, it's a perfect end of the year trip.

Just like the aquarium,you can take the Q or F to West 8th or the D or N to Stillwell.

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