Thursday, June 23, 2016

End of the Year STEAM Fun

Who would have thought a theme park project based on a book they've read during the school year would be such a big hit?  Not me, that's for sure, but boy was I wrong!  My kids LOVE this project.  They were given building materials, a poster board and the simple directions of pick a book we read this year and build a 3D theme park using the book as the theme.  And my kids ran with it.  I thought it was going to be a lot of screaming and a little work.  They are blowing me away with their creativity.  I am going to post pictures of every single project because I am so ridiculously proud of the work they've put into this project and the theme parks they are building.  This is one of my classes.  I'll post the others later as I teach them throughout the day!


  1. This is a fantastic project! I wish I was in your class! I bet your students loved this and also learned a lot!

  2. They sure did! So many worked on it at home, they had moving Ferris wheels, Popsicle stick roller coasters with cars and shops with food and clothes! I'm doing it every year!